About US

We are an electronics company with over 8 years of experience in the motorsport industry. Comprised of engineers who were also former drivers, we embody the perfect combination to deliver optimized solutions.

We develop products to the highest standards and offer services to drivers, teams, and categories worldwide



The demands of the demanding Argentine motorsport market and the challenges of sourcing imported products inspired us to create a brand that stands alongside the world's best, yet is accessible to all. Our goal was clear: simplicity in products and the best price/quality ratio. That's how we started SPILBA in 2015

First Development


Observing the challenges faced by engineers and drivers on the track every day, we decided to develop a reliable data acquisition system that provides real and accurate data to significantly enhance their work. In 2016, we launched our ONYX data acquisition system, which made its debut in none other than the Turismo Carretera (ACTC)

In a short time, it was homologated by the category, and currently, the majority of the racing teams have incorporated it as their main working tool



The Turismo Nacional (APAT) decides to incorporate ONYX as a regulatory element in all its categories. Leveraging the quality of data and user-friendly features, technical officials install ONYX in various brands to analyze performance differences. If necessary, they implement regulatory changes to ensure parity. Currently, the category has achieved having up to 20 cars from different brands, within less than 1 second



We developed a telemetry system, 'RacePro,' for Turismo Carretera (ACTC), capable of connecting more than 50 cars on the track to the control tower in a bidirectional communication. This innovative system communicated the entire grid of the country's most important category not only with the competition's officials but also with viewers, providing real-time information on all competitors. Currently, it is used in all six divisions, totaling over 200 vehicles

Mixture Indicators - NW and WB

2019 - 2020

We launched air/fuel ratio gauges, both Narrowband and Wideband. Thus, we support projects seeking quick and cost-effective solutions, as well as those with the highest demands

telemetry - porsche gt3 cup argentina


We launched TYCAN, a telemetry system based on CAN BUS. It was first used in the PORSCHE GT3 CUP ARGENTINA category. With our telemetry, the vehicle's behavior can be monitored in real-time from the pits, preventing unnecessary engine failures



In collaboration with the government agency for the development of Argentine trains, SOFSE (currently FASE), we developed a georeferenced track accelerometry kit. This kit can synchronously measure accelerations at various points in the train and geographically reference them. The goal is to detect irregularities in the railroad tracks to take actions that enhance the service. This approach aims to ensure passenger comfort along all routes while optimizing train speed, improving service times

International Expansion


SPILBA Commercial Offices Open in Mexico City (CDMX)