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Technical support

30 years in the electronics industry

SPILBA is the racing branch of Rayce. Our company has developed many different professional electronic devices for the industry for more than 30 years. Along as many leaders of the industry our headquarters is locate in the Centro Industrial Sur in Buenos Aires Argentina. Spilba add to our expertise in electronics racing experience as pilots and team managers for many years.


Years of experience have led us to design products that help not only the pilot but also the racing team during the whole track session to get the most of them.

The best product

Our mission is to offer every customer the best product. Every piece of our equipment uses the best products in the market and is manufactured with the highest standards in the industry.

Technical support

No product could be the best without technical assistance before and after the purchase. You can count on out engineering team to assist you.


More than 30 years of experience developing different electronic devices for the professional users in the industry, always applying the best standards in design, production and technical assistance are our best tool in racing products. Our design team includes young professionals but with experience in the racing track as long as in the engineering and the electronic industry. Our products have been approved for official use in the Argentine ACTC and TN championships.

It is a telemetry system that can be used to control all the stages in a race communicating any racecar with race control.

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O2 Sensor is a tiny device designed to measure o2 in the exhaust gas to control o2-gas mixture in motors.

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This unit allows the user to measure and log acceleration and gyro speed of multiple points of any vehicle georeferencing data for analysis.

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Complete and self-contained georeferenced six axis data acquisition system.

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Compact unit designed to measure 16G acc and 2000 degrees/sec gyro.

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Measures the temperature in one point of any surface. Wide range of measuring temperatures (-70 ºC to 380ºC) and high accuracy (1%).

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Measures simultaneously temperature in 16 points at a maximum data rate of 100 samples per second.

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Measures temperature in 16 points simultaneously with pressure measurement in tires.

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Measures with a 0.1mbar (0.0015psi) resolution at a high sampling rate (180 samples per second).

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The highest point in distance measurements in industry. Measures with a resolution of microns in a millisecond.

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Sixteen channels with a sampling rate of 100Hz allows the engineer to know braking system behavior beyond all doubts.

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Ultra low noise and extraordinary temperature stability. Better strain gauge measurements.

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Service i sour key word. We always help our customers in their race track work. We offer:

Wire assemblies

We are able to assemble any type of electrical installation (wiring, harnesses, etc.) under the most stringent MotorSport standards.

Electronic developments

Contact us if you need to develop a new electrical or electronic component.

Technical support

Contact us through our telephone lines or social networks for technical advice on our products.


Always use our accessories to obtain the best results with our equipment:

GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) antenna

• Frequency 1575MHz/1602MHz
• 26 ± 3dBic @ Zenith @ 1575.42MHz
• 27 ± 3dBic @ Zenith @ 1602MHz
• Magnetic base
• IP67

Antena RF
Antenna RF

• Frequency 900Mhz
• Magnetic base
• Gain 3dbi

Sonda Bosch 17014 - 02580070574UG
Bosch 17014 - 02580070574UG

• LSU Wideband 4.2

Sonda Bosch 0258 007 044
Bosch 0258 007 044

• LSU Wideband 4.2

Sonda Bosch
Bosch 4.9

• LSU Wideband 4.9
• Wiring assembly for O2 sensor
• Length 2 m.

Cableado para Sensor 02
02 Sensor wiring

• Length 2 more

Keep it touch

We are in Centro Industrial Tecnológico Sur. C.A.B.A.

Rayce Electrónica

Av. Int. Fco. Rabanal 3220 2º UF18 (C1437FQT). Capital Federal, Argentina.

(+54) 11 4918 8843